Upgrade Your Trading With Qoinix

While some brokers give you a hard time, we’re all about making your strategies work for you. We support you every step of the way, when you grow – we grow.

Why Qoinix should be your first choice.

  • Trading Tools
    Sophisticated trading & risk
    management tools.
  • Security focused
    Your security comes first, always.
  • Dedicated hardware
    Institutional grade secure trading.
  • Get paid to trade
    Attractive crypto rebate program.

Navigating The Crypto Market

Navigating the cryptocurrency markets demands versatility and insight into various tools. From lightning-fast High-Frequency Day Trading to exploring ICO events, Altcoins, and Crypto ETFs, the options are diverse. Qoinix excels in providing a comprehensive range of approaches designed for individual investor preferences. Through cutting-edge research, strategic partnerships, and collaboration with a wide range of liquidity providers for the best arbitrage rates, Qoinix ensures clients have access to opportunities across the crypto landscape, empowering them to navigate with confidence and seize the potential of this dynamic market.

What’s Happening in the Markets

Trade Traditional Assets or Take the Simple Path with ETFs.

We offer a unique option to trade using ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund), also known as ‘Bundles’. The bundles are made of several cryptocurrency pairs hand-picked by our experienced analysts according to market movements. All you need to do is to decide how much you want to potentially profit.